Friday, September 01, 2006

The Things I get myeself Into Before I finish My Coffee

I do not know how I came to have a blog.
I did not ever think about having a blog.
I did not wake up this morning and say to myself "hey let's blog today".

These things just never crossed the arid little space of my mind. Yet, here I am with my own blog. I just wanted to check my gmail (I am addicted to few boards that I receive via gmail, but that is a story for another time) there was a post from Richelle Mead. She wrote that she was running a contest through her blog and the prize would be a book. So naturally I could not resist this, I mean it is a book, a free book.

As you may not be able to tell, I am a bibliophile, bibliophage, you choose the word but it means the same. I am an addict and my addiction of choice is books. So anyhow, I went to Richelle's blog and I posted my guess for the amount of words she would be able to write (for her next book) on her 48 hour (each way) train ride to the backwaters of Michigan and ended up with a blog of my own. All before I had even finished my first cup of coffee, *sigh* I know better than to post anything before finishing this all important start of my day but, alas, I am never able to stop myself.

Bad self, bad, bad self.

Well I promise to take care of my new found blog, I will love it, I will feed it, I will hug it and squeeze it, I may even call it George. I will try and keep a schedule of updating, I am just not sure how often yet, I will aim for once a week. That sounds good, right? Hell, this may help me improve my writing skills, maybe even my spelling (don't hold you breathe on that ... but maybe). Well I need to go now, my cup of coffee is sitting in front of me threatening to go cold and get all funky on me (they are never the same if you have to microwave them) so until next time, have a wonderful day.

Oh hey one more thing maybe I will post the current books I am reading, though now that I am in school and thinking takes up much of my energy (it is hard) the books may not change as often as they used to (much to my bank accounts joy) but anyhow I am currently reading "When Darkness Falls" by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory. It is the last book in their Obsidian Trilogy. I have not been able to get far, but that is not for the quality of writing but from my serious lack of time, It seems to be the best of the three so far, I am savoring page by page. If you have not read this Trilogy I suggest checking it out. The first book is "The Outstretched Shadow" and the second is "To Light a Candle". Both are now out in paperback form, "When Darkness Falls" is hardback. Enjoy